This site is for all people who have an interest in quantum physics and its connection with information and consciousness. Information about quantum physics on the internet is often confusing (wave-particle duality), weird (entanglement), acknowledges most of the time the all important role of the observer but ignores often the fact that the observer has to be conscious.

On this site I’ll try to fix this confusion and to explore the all important role of consciousness.

The Dutch version of this site is live since August 2018 and full of information. Not only about the subjects of quantum physics, but also about my book and about the courses Quantum Physics for Non-Physicists I’m lecturing. However, not everybody understands Dutch. So I started as of April 2019 with the English version you visit now.

From that moment this site has been a project under construction. So if you were an early visitor, I hope you remembered the URL and will revisit later. You will be very welcome.

Anyhow, on May 13 I decided this site to be ready for visitors. So welcome. Explore, wonder and enjoy.

Start your exploration here.